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Handmade kitchens from Jonathan Randall

Imagine a kitchen that’s designed around you. One that is painstakingly handcrafted. One whose looks are timeless, and whose quality is seen and felt in every detail.

That kitchen is a Jonathan Randall kitchen; and it’s yours, waiting to be made.

Our handmade kitchens are brought to life on a farm in rural Gloucestershire. You won’t find grand premises or fancy showrooms here – just a team of dedicated craftsmen and cabinet makers putting their hard-earned skills to good use. What does this mean for you? An exquisite kitchen at a pleasingly affordable price.

We’d like to describe a typical Jonathan Randall kitchen… but we can’t. That’s because every one of our handmade kitchens is different. We offer you a blank canvas, the benefit of our expertise, and the chance to let your imagination roam free. The result will be a bespoke kitchen that’s beautiful yet functional, and one that’s unlike any other.

We’d love to help you turn your dreams into a reality. Contact Jonathan now to set the ball rolling.


Why not visit our showroom (by appointment) at Unit 1b, Mill Farm,Uley Road,Dursley,Gloucestershire,GL11 5AD